KGF full form I KGF Chapter 1 collection

KGF was the second largest Golf Mines in the world. The British Population Referred it “Little England”. Because it was very beautiful and Eye-catching.

KGF full form
KGF full form

KGF full form I KGF Chapter 1 collection

The Kolar Gold Field was situational on Bangarpet taluk in Kolar District of India state Karnataka. It was the major Kolar gold Field of india. Bu unfortunately IT was Closed in 2001 Because of the production costs.

The production costs was very high than production. KGF Chapter 1 is located to kannada Central plot.

What is the meaning Of KGF?

At a time, The Find out the meaning kgf and surprisingly it was same name kgf.

KGF Chapter 1 Facts Storyline

Recently , British Bungalows and well structured streets made there . in 1885, created British gold course for gold mines workers.

KGF was the Kolar Gold Fields in the world. It was earn a big amount of Gold that reason was famous over the world. But it was Closed on 2021. Most of the time, British ruled the kgf Areas. KGF Gained second best and deepest mining gold place in the world.

The British authority made there a golf course in 1885 for kolar gold workers. Beautiful weather and charming climate will charm the people mind. So British Authority Called it “Little England”

KGF Facts Chapter 1

At a time KGF was filed up with 30000 Mineworkers and their family.

Gold has been mined there over 2000 years.

The godl form the KGF that sent in england with ship and then british Shareholders was very rich. At that situation, the British Governmant situatied adn hospital there and teatment them free.

The Kolar Goldfield was filled up with Anglo-Indian populations. Most of the worker took the roles from British worker after 1947 from British government and East India Company. From 1861-1901, every years Cornish men migrated to abroad from there and most of them was Miners.

KGF Interesting Facts

  1. Kotlingeshwara situated on side of KGF that is the most famous temple in India.
  2. In 1965 the first ionizing radiation neutrino interaction happened in KGF.
  3. In 1965, Ionizing radiation happened in KGF that was first time.
  4. The British Authority situated a Hydroelectric plant in Shivanasmudra that was supplies electricity
  5. In Kolar Gold Areas was the main office of National Institute of miner’s.

6. KGF Gold Mine field was producing 95% Gold from the Nineteenth Century.
7. The British produce the Kolar Gold over 100 years from KGF . Then the Government of India was product the gold at least 50 years.

8. KGF Situated at Karnataka state in India.
9. KGF was closed in 2001 for loss of gold business.

KGF Chapter 1 release date:

KGF Chapter 1 Release on 20 December 2018. Then It was a big movies on India.

KGF Chapter 1 collection

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