what does commercial property insurance cover?

what does commercial property insurance cover?

Commercial property insurance covers a tech company’s building and its contents. That includes furnishings, fixtures, computers, and other equipment and inventory.

Commercial property insurance covers the company all sites. Furniture, Fixtures, Computer and Other equipment and inventory.

Commercial insurance provides coverage these;

  1. Business owned building

2. Theft of laptop, tablets etc.
3. Furniture and Fixtures
4. Supplies and equipment
5. Accidental Damage

Business owned Building;

Commercial insurance protect your house from fire and vandalism and other types of harms.

If you are a business owner, you should start the journey with commercial insurance.

Example: A fire if spread to your house, Normally you will lose your important things now. Then the insurance company help you to remake your company well.

Theft of laptop, tablets etc;

When a tech leader loses their important documents for the attract of theft. you should continue it well to reproduces you instrument. They may Stoll computer, laptop and tables.
A commercial insurance company help your remake with fund.

Furniture and Fixtures;

The furniture’s and fixtures of your building that protected with commercial insurance.

Example: Someone comes to your restaurant and vandalizes the dining place, brakes the chairs. Then the commercial insurance pay your to repair its.

Supplies and equipment;

If your business supplier and equipment are damaged or loses, stolen, the commercial property insurance coverage help your to repair its.

Example: A thief entered to your company and steals the thousand of dollars from your computers. The property insurance helps you replacement.

Accidental Damage;

If your employee or worker take a mistakes, loses your property. Then the property insurance help and pay you to repairs.

what does commercial property insurance cover?

what does commercial property insurance cover?

Commercial property insurance doesn’t covers

1, Employee injuries
2. Cyberattacks and data breaches
3. Vehicles used by a tech business
4. Destroyed payments Records
5. Damage customer Property

Employee injuries

Workers property insurance covers medical expenses of work. If they want to take it, need to pay them.
Example: An employee affected to a dangerous attach, and then suffering long time. This costs will pay by company.

Cyber Attacks and data breaches

Commercial property insurance doesn’t protect them with cyberattacks and data breaches. As a alternate options, They should consider cyber liability insurance.

Example: A cyber attack stolen the data base information from the company. It’s not the facts of commercial insurance property.

Vehicles used by a tech business;

Though commercial property insurance protects your company’s office and equipment. But It doesn’t covers your vehicles.

Example: A computer repair technicians driving the truck and then suddenly it’s damages. So it’s pay will covers by the owners.

Destroyed payments Records;

If your payment records vanished from the customers agents. The loses doesn’t covers by the destroyed payments records.

Damage customer Property;

Commercial property insurance doesn’t cover the damage customer property.

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