Charity is the voluntary giving of help to those who require it a humanitarian action or a  generous behavior. Charities are key to achieving equitable status and bringing them tor.

Donating is a selfless act, so providing charity will certainly enhance self-respect and self-worth.  The concept of social service, helping the needy has grown tremendously and that’s why there are various NGOs and clubs. The organizations whose sole purpose is to help the needy in certain ways.

Charity is being done in many ways and one doesn’t always need to donate money to give back.


Contributing to the causes that one care about not only benefits the charities but can also be profoundly rewarding for philanthropist too. Millions of individuals give to charity frequently to help causes they acknowledge in, as well as it creates a positive effect on the lives of charitable people. Following are the points hoon w the charity helps people in improving their own lives  :

  1. Contributing to charity is a substantial mood booster. It can make you feel more joyful. Research has recognized a link between a donation to charity. improved activity in the spot of the brain that provides contentment.

‘’ 42%  people agreed that  enjoyment they receive is from donating and doing charity ‘’


  1. A feeling of social conscience was the most accepted reason to donate. Whatever type of charity they supported, 96% said they felt this was a moral duty to use what they had to support others, this is the sentiment that is rooted in their values and their principles.


  1. Communicating the experience of contributing to charity with children shows them from an immature age how they can make favorable changes in the world. Children naturally adore helping others, so this will nurture their innate generosity.




Wheels for charity is a perfectly suitable topic here as it is depicting the theme. Here wheels are being referred to as cars and charity means donation. So, in totality wheels for charity are being compared to the donation of your car to kids for their betterment and creating a positive impact on the lives of these children. 




Car donations made to social organizations will eventually help them to sponsor and develop projects that create a positive impact. The develop local child communities into happier places to, work and  live. You can also provide ease and care for the  children overseas.


Akshaya Patra is the world’s largest NGO school meal program, that provides hot, nutritious, school meals to about 1.76 million children across India.

It is the biggest partner of the Union Government of India that implements the Mid Day Meal Scheme in  India’s government-run schools.

So, to deliver wholesome meals to the children vehicles are necessary and hence Vehicle donations are essential to reach out to more children.

Thus donating cars for kids is well suited here.



  1. Provide car for generous purposes:  As long as the car is usable, many charities can use it in a good way by delivering meals to the elderly, can be of much use to orphanages or for children from poor backgrounds or for handicapped children, or anything else that is related to the charitable mission. Some of the best choices for charities that use donated cars for their activities include the United Way, Goodwill.
  2. .On the local level, community colleges and vocational schools can use donated cars to train mechanics for their education programs. 
  3. Help a charity whose work you trust: It is  obvious that most of us make donations to the charities in whose work we believe in.
  4. Getting rid of a car that doesn’t have a proper title: Some charities will take a car for which there is no title. They assembly will only be able to deal it for scrap which would reduce the value of the deduction. But at least a person can get it out of the driveway and hence helps in avoiding the expense of substituting that title.
  5. Free pick-up: Many charities that accept cars as a donation for kids will tow them away for free. But the charity will deduct this cost from the value of the car, which will certainly reduce the tax deduction. 
  6. Avoid the annoyances of selling the car: There won’t be any need to pay for newspaper ads to deal with emails or phone calls or to show the car to buyers and negotiate over the sales price.
  7. Tax saving – Donation of the car to charity can result in considerable tax savings, i.e.  Inclusion of it in the charitable contribution deduction. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) needs to calculate the tax deduction in one of two ways, based on how the charity uses the donation is provided.



  • Deductions for cars that charity sells are restricted to the sales price.
  • In all the other cases, the car’s fair market value is considered.



We all had a childhood, with highs and lows. Therefore, when you donate your car for kids, you foster more kids to have healthy and relatively happy childhoods by fighting pediatric cancers, hunger, homelessness, mental health issues, and other challenges.

Because between  0 to 18 years have relatively limited power to change their circumstances, they require our help to face adversity, which can come in many ways and some of them are listed below :

  1. Health–  Schools provide programs that familiarize them with the importance of nutrition, exercise, and other healthy habits that provide physical support. But they are finite in scope and  That’s why extracurricular options require financial support. When you donate your car to kids, you give a boost to non-profit organizations dealing with such issues as childhood obesity or to a pediatric clinic. 
  2. Mental Health– Kids are encountering the existence of mental health challenges that hinder their emotional well-being. Mental Health America suggests parents a list of signs that  their kids may be suffering from mental illness and they require urgent  professional treatment if they notice that their child feels the following :
  • Uses alcohol or drugs
  • Feels hopeless
  • Avoids people
  • Is scared and has frequent nightmares
  • Hears voices or sees things that aren’t there    
  • Feels overly anxious
  • Is excessively angry


There is an enormous no. of non-profit organizations specifically designed to provide convenience to kids who lack emotional physical resources. Among the supplies that are requested by charities includes blankets, food toys, clothes, and books, while many areas of assistance lack funding that includes education and medical research. 

Sometimes charities need simple and everyday supplies for their clients. When you donate your car to kids through soup kitchens, missions, and homeless shelters, it’s a way that meets the challenging problem of supplying the basic needs of kids.

Non-Profit Groups That Accepts Car Donations to Children’s Charities:


There are certain programs you can donate your car to kids to offer your support. In the 30 years, the Cars2Charities has accepted donations for the kids who have been aided or who have health issues, as well as for healthy kids who just need motivation or learning intervention. Donating your car to kids is a path by which you support their education program. 

Donation of your  Car to International Children’s Charities

REACH OUT WORLDWIDE is a program in which there are kids around the globe who are hungry, as told by the non-profit group Care. This organization has over 1,000 lifesaving projects in 94 countries that serve women and children after disasters such as earthquakes, floods, provide shelter and medical care.

According to the Care website, 45% of adolescent girls in Malawi have no education and became pregnant in their teens, with just 4% of them having done secondary education. The non-profit organization also work with boys, address some of the problem creating obstacles to opportunities for girls, including, lower social status, hunger,  school safety, early marriage, and sanitation.

So all these are the organizations working nationally and internationally that require support in many ways and one such way is to donate your car to kids that would certainly not solve all the problems but somewhere it would help them in many ways.


  1. It’s a bit cognitive and emotional process to donate your car to kids but one needs to decide and be certain to donate the car to kids and then it must be followed by finding the title, keeping it in an envelope which must be unmarked, and place the envelope under the passenger seat. Once that process is being done, the vehicle is being prepped up for the further donation process. 
  2. The next step is to contact the right organization to donate your car to kids. Many charity organizations offer reliable services of car donation etc. However, you must examine the claims made by them. You must be cautious that not even a single rupee raised from your car be put to personal use.
  3. The car must be used genuinely for uplifting the condition of kids of society and for this You can quiz the organization about how the organization would use that car spend and only when you are sure about the organization only then you should you go ahead with a donation of your car to that organization and then carry out the further process of filing l up the form of donation. 
  4. The next step is towing the car and it’s the responsibility of the organization to tow away your car and all you just have to relax only. The charity organization would come and tow the car away as they usually have collaborations with the towing companies to make the work easy.


Pandemic arose the need of having a car and not to travel in shared vehicles. So in the pandemic public transport and shared mobility has been reduced very much. To survive in these challenging times, having your car is a necessity now and not a luxury anymore, as kids are more prone to infections. 

it’s an urgent need for them as public transportation is the most potential hotspots for infections. It’s a no wonder that now people are hesitant to travel through public transport.

Many would avoid going out through shared means and being more to more risk. While efforts have been made to restrict the number of passengers and disinfect the inside of public transport vehicles at regular intervals.

Therefore, ride-sharing platforms have relatively become the safest alternative but, with frequent use, the cost of using these services adds up to the budget 

According to current strata

The preference of about 51% of the people to travel by public transport has declined as compared to that before the COVID-19 pandemic.


It’s an agreeable thing that there is an emotional connection with your car but if it’s a mere scrap for you then allow your old scrap to help, raise the living conditions of the poor and needy kids and refine their lives. Your car donation will make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged children in the local communities.

When you donate your car to kids, you support the ongoing effort that makes sure The children have the chance to enjoy the most precious time of their lives, Cars support, mentoring, hospitals needs, and educational programs for kids. . With the help of this donation, we can make sure that children of today will be able to enjoy and live tomorrow.

So, the rational decision lies in giving away your old scrappy cars to donate to these kids, and thus your wheels would prove to be a charity and a lifesaver for kids and nurturing their childhood, especially in pandemic times.



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