Best 5 Signs You Need to Quit your Jobs

Your job is supposed to make you happy and provide a sense of fulfillment. Little wonder the queue of job seekers keeps increasing by the day. But wait a minute, do you know that as the list of job seekers grows, several people are also quitting their jobs daily?

There are a lot of reasons why people quit their jobs. It could span from personal issues to dissatisfaction with their organization or career path. But there is yet a more significant problem; people don’t know when to quit their jobs.

Do you fall in the above category, looking for the best signs to take the bold step of quitting your job and venture into a more successful path? Then read on, as we reveal the best 5 signs you need to quit your job.

The Company Isn’t On The Right Track

Yeah, let’s start with your organization. An ideal company should have good values, ethics, a result-driven operational model, proper staff management, and a concrete plan for the future. Whenever you notice that your company is drifting away from the mentioned parameters, then it’s advisable you quit the job.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the mentioned parameters above

Far behind in terms of ethics


Company ethics refers to practices, principles, or policies that dictate what is appropriate and wrong for workers, customers, and the business at large. You should never be subject to ethics that tend to give you(workers) and customers a displeasing experience.


Giving into wrong ethics can have a toll on your career and will surely dent your value as an individual. Get this right!! You should never trade your pride for anything. Once the company drifts from the path of integrity, you can take your leave.


No result-driven operational model; hence the future is shaky

Beyond looking at what the company can or offers to you presently, it will do a lot of good if you also assess their future. You have to be sincere with yourself and ask the right questions.


As a company, are we result-oriented?

What is the company’s success rate?

Based on the success rate (High or low), is the future bright?

After careful assessment, if the responses to these questions are negative, then you should consider quitting your job. You should only stick with a result-oriented company, well-positioned in terms of ethics, and always maintain integrity.


  • No Room For Career Growth/Promotion

We have two concepts here that are career growth and promotion. First, let’s discuss career growth.


Career Growth

All things being equal, you love your career, and that’s why you choose that patha long time ago. You do not deserve to be deprived of having full expression and hitting the topmost height of your career. When you notice that at your workplace or organization, there is little or no room for growth, you should move on.


For every element of life, there is a need for growth, and your career is not an exception. As time goes on, newer concepts and models are introduced into your profession or career. If you are not updated or in sync, you begin to lose relevance in no time.


You should be given the platform to learn, explore new resources, take on new projects, brainstorm and be innovative. It’s time you get out of that cage!!



Let’s follow through on Andy, a web developer sharing his plight and discontentment.

‘ I was employed as a web developer 6 years ago. Those early years were heaven to me as I felt fulfilled and happy. But it’s been 6 years now, and I am still at the level of a junior developer. This is a concern because I am putting in much work and, of course, providing excellent value. I believe that I am worthy and due for a promotion to a senior developer position, which isn’t coming forth. At some point, I was fed up, and I quit the job because I deserved more.


I’m happy I got a new role in a new organization as a senior developer.’

Imagine the situation of Andy not being given a well-deserved promotion. But then he realized his worth and quit the job. It isn’t profitable for you to remain in a place where you cannot climb up the ladder. If there is no room for promotion, you may need to consider quitting the job.

Hey there, we are still on course in revealing the best 5 signs you need to quit your job. So let’s stick together as we’ve got 3 more good characters to go.


  • The Job Is Affecting Your Health Adversely

Remember that aside from pursuing a blistering career, you are a human being that thrives on good health. This will cover both physical and mental health, which are very important. When your job leaves you in a state of deteriorating health, you should consider a change.

Let’s see some dynamics concerning your job and health.


Little or no time to rest

Experts have established that it is crucial to have break time or vacations. These are supposed to be periods of recovery from work stress. If your organization does not provide a good measure of break time while you work and even periods for leaves and vacation, then you will likely need to quit your job. Sticking with such a job may lead to burnout or your body breaking down.

Toxic working environment

This is a double-sided concept. One aspect is the fact that the nature of your job may be exposing you to harmful substances in your workplace. It Is the questions,  how long can you survive in such an environment? In no time, your health will likely take the fall.


On the other hand, it may tend towards a more mental scope. For example, your boss and co-workers are filled with negative energy, and the environment is not welcoming or conducive for you. As a result, there is no connection, loss of confidence, and deterioration of your mental health.


So, in a nutshell, a job that isn’t benefitting your health is a red flag and should be avoided.

  • Better Offers Or Opportunities At Other Organizations

Irrespective of your career path, profession, and job aspirations, one thing is constant; it is scalable. You may be having the best of experience at your current job, but the truth remains that there are better opportunities out there.

If you desire to continually climb the ladder and explore better facets of your career, or you feel you have a drive to a new career path, then you may need to consider a change of job.

You may have been presented with better offers and opportunities by different organizations; that’s a good reason to quit your job and pursue those offers.

These offers or opportunities could include;

  • A more comprehensive network of professionals
  • Higher salaries
  • Scholarships for higher courses and degrees
  • Official cars
  • Official houses
  • Health insurance
  • Other allowances etc.

However, it is best you take time to draft your plan of the dream opportunity available in other organizations. You may have them approaching you, and that’s fine but ensure that you get what you truly want after quitting your job.

Make the decision worthwhile.

Not let’s wrap it up with the last of the best 5 signs you need to quit your job.

  • You Are Underpaid And Undervalued

First stop!! Do you know your worth? You need to figure that out as it will help you see if you are undervalued or not. Everyone wants a robust paycheck, and that’s not a bad idea. But the issue is many are not getting the pay they deserve.

In a company where you provide so much value and skill, you should attract mouthwatering compensations. If you receive anything less than deserved, then you are undervalued. This is a pointer that you may need to leave that job. Come to think of it, other organizations will pay you handsomely for your skills and services.


Staying on that low-paying job can have a psychological toll on you. In no time, you begin to think less of yourself, your skills, and your career.

Remember, there is a significant harvest ground for skillful professionals like you on that career path. Move out, make your findings to get the right network to better opportunities where you value will be much appreciated.


Final Thoughts

Just before we wrap things up, you should know this; Your job is as essential as every other aspect of your life, and you have to maximize your gains as much as possible. You can better analyze your current job to see what proportion of incomes compared to your energy and resource expended. If your resources put into work are far more significant than your gains, then that job isn’t right for you.


You need to take reasonable consideration and make that bold step of letting go of such a job.

Now, let’s recap on the best 5 signs you need to quit your job, as explained in the article.

  • The company isn’t on the right track (ethics, integrity, values, operational model, and future)
  • No room for career growth and promotion
  • The job is affecting your health adversely
  • Better offers and opportunities at other organizations
  • You are underpaid and undervalued


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